Software Solutions


Software Solutions

Ideally, organizations have the ability to see problems when and where they occur, so they can be swarmed for containment and immediately investigated while still “hot” for resolution. Solutions then can be sustained and spread to prevent recurrence.

That’s the theory. But it is difficult to put into practice. Those on the front lines lack the means to efficiently and effectively call attention to what’s wrong, so those on the back-end – the ones responsible for managing systems, maintaining their health, and deploying resources – are flying blind.

In the short-term, the workforce contrives coping mechanisms to get the job done. But this is highly inefficient and unsatisfying. And over the longer-term, the performance of the organization stalls or degrades because it lacks a mechanism to rapidly identify, learn and improve from its mistakes.

The solution is bringing a High Velocity learning process to the organization. Problems need to be rapidly identified, engaged on and solved every day. The See to Solve Real-time Alert System is a simple software tool that helps embed the High Velocity learning process. It enables those on the front lines to quickly, simply and easily report problems in real time, when they can be understood and acted upon.

Currently in beta, See to Solve will run on virtually any mobile platform, including the smart phones and tablets workers already carry. It has an intuitive user interface – no text, all menus, with photo/video attachments – to make problem reporting easy. It fits naturally into the flow of work, rather than becoming an additional disruption. And it’s coupled with a real-time dashboard, so those on the backend can quickly see where and how they need to respond.

The See to Solve Real Time Alert System gives those responsible for managing workforces real-time situational awareness of where the system is acting up, so they can address low-level disturbances before they have chance to propagate into large-scale system failures.

The See to Solve Real-time Alert System helps embed High Velocity learning, making problems visible to those who can actually do something about them.